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  1. This effort is complemented with the development of a theory of reason and stresses its " bidimensionality " ( foundation and critique ) and its " dialogicity " ( the fact that reason only works as dialogical communication as it is exposed in " Volver a la raz�n " ).
  2. With his co-authors Fedor Fomin, Mohammad T . Hajiaghayi, and Dimitrios Thilikos, he won the 2015 Nerode Prize for his work on bidimensionality, a general technique for developing both fixed-parameter tractable exact algorithms and approximation algorithms for a wide class of algorithmic problems on graphs.
  3. In particular, by making use of bidimensionality, it was shown that feedback vertex set, vertex cover, connected vertex cover, cycle packing, diamond hitting set, maximum induced forest, maximum induced bipartite subgraph and maximum induced planar subgraph admit an EPTAS on H-minor-free graphs.
  4. The concept of bounded local treewidth forms the basis of the theory of bidimensionality, and allows for many algorithmic problems on apex-minor-free graphs to be solved exactly by a polynomial-time algorithm or a fixed-parameter tractable algorithm, or approximated using a polynomial-time approximation scheme.
  5. He underlines bidimensionality as a main feature of fantasy : It is situated between the poles of Palestinean geography : The disciples start at the northwestern side of the Sea of Galilee ( compare Mk 6, 1 and 6, 32f . ), and they are told to cross the lake in easterly direction to Bethsaida.

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