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  1. From this follows that a single channel may also be used for bidirectional communication.
  2. The STC104 has 32 bidirectional communication links, called DS-Links, that each operate at 100 Mbit / s.
  3. Each IP datagram exchange is unidirectional, although IP and TCP allow for bidirectional communication within their protocols.
  4. These benefits include bidirectional communication, mobile device support, adaptive data rate support, and strong built-in security features using AES-128 CCM.
  5. Using enterprise auto configuration ( EAC ) and a bidirectional communications port, SNMP requests ascertain a device s configurations and capabilities.
  6. The principal differences between DCS and DCC transmission technologies include bidirectional communications and the separation of the command signal from track power.
  7. With bidirectional communication to the client, lost slices can be refreshed as soon as detected, but this is not feasible for wider broadcast.
  8. Since bidirectional communication is typically desired, the aforementioned dynamic signaling protocols can set up an LSP in the other direction to compensate for this.
  9. RDM allows for diagnostic feedback from fixtures to the controller by extending the DMX512 standard to encompass bidirectional communication between the lighting controller and lighting fixtures.
  10. Bidirectional communication also allowed many other functions to be performed via ALDL, such as actuator tests, parameter overrides, and in some cases even reprogramming of the ECU itself.

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