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  1. "' Billboarding "'is one form of ecotage in the form of monkeywrenching.
  2. Billboarders consider billboarding an art form as well as an ethical, moral, and justified act.
  3. In billboarding its fashion talent, Gap seems to be signaling a fresh direction, promoting fashion over basics.
  4. "It is like the billboarding of the novel, " said Letty Cottin Pogrebin, president of the Authors Guild.
  5. On one side is the high-vaulted Metropolitan Opera House and on the other is the Vivian Beaumont Theater with neon lights billboarding its current theatrical attractions.
  6. The American novelist Edward Abbey seems to have greatly advanced ( if not out-right advocated ) the art of billboarding starting around the year 1950 in and around the New Mexico city of Albuquerque.
  7. "Most of the stores on Madison are a form of retail billboarding, similar to the Warner Brothers or Disney store or Niketown, " says Paco Underhill, managing director of Envirosell, a behavioral research and consulting firm that specializes in retail shopping patterns.
  8. Billboarding a Web site address on one's pants, it is thought, could be as much a sign of status as a stroll with a cellular phone or the lugging of a laptop once was : the Web address acts like a vanity license plate or designer label.
  9. In turn, some of the actions suggested in " Ecotage ! " actually began to be carried out, particularly billboarding, when small groups in the early 1970s such as the one calling themselves the " Eco-Raiders " in Tucson, Arizona, began cutting down billboards.

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