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  1. The Prince-Archbishopric continuously suffered from billeting and alimenting soldiers.
  2. Tents were used for billeting and also for support facilities.
  3. Some small villages appear to have taken over the former billeting areas.
  4. Tents were used for ground support operations and personnel billeting.
  5. This was done probably under hospitalitas, the rules for billeting army soldiers.
  6. The Prince-Archbishopric of Bremen continuously suffered from billeting and alimenting soldiers.
  7. Melibeo threatens Perrucchetto, who reacts by billeting himself on the High Priest.
  8. He would later participate in a campaign against billeting.
  9. The costs for billeting the whole regiment had to be borne by the villagers.
  10. Posted to a quiet billeting in Albert Park, Victoria, young Walker resigned.

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