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  1. Contacts between Arabia and black Africa go back quite a bit, don't they?
  2. Nigeria, on the other hand, black Africa's biggest country, had a bright future.
  3. Prior to moving to South Africa, he played for Black Africa.
  4. The monetary unit in black Africa was man, the slave.
  5. Mauritania, a largely desert nation on Africa's Atlantic Coast, straddles Arab and black Africa.
  6. The Blues'ethnic roots run to Algeria, black Africa, the South Pacific and South America.
  7. The cold war's demise, however welcome elsewhere, has proved a setback for black Africa.
  8. Across the vast and mystifying terrain of black Africa, no country stands out like Nigeria.
  9. He says America ought to lend a hand battling the AIDS epidemic crippling black Africa.
  10. Some other titles in the series are : " Black Africa : Masks, Sculpture, Jewelry,"

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