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  1. The young help, in their all-black arts-crowd outfits, were sweet and unaffected.
  2. Across town, the Black Arts National Diaspora Museum houses another rich collection.
  3. NATIONAL BLACK ARTS FESTIVAL Moving in the ( e ) entertainment category.
  4. Some will argue that it is an art _ a black art.
  5. The contention is that if African-Americans don't support black art, who will?
  6. The Black Arts Movement was spread by the use of newspaper advertisements.
  7. Their contribution to the black art world includes philanthropic work as well.
  8. Rahman was an avid participator in the Harlem Black Arts Movement.
  9. Making the most of that limited horsepower has evolved into a black art.
  10. Even if the subject is a " bloody black art ."


  1. the belief in magical spells that harness occult forces or evil spirits to produce unnatural effects in the world
    पर्याय: sorcery, black magic, necromancy

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