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  1. It feels as though it's made of something soft, unctuous, thick and blendable.
  2. Later developments were in Switzerland, where Daniel Peter introduced milk chocolate in 1875 and Rodolphe Lindt made chocolate more blendable by the process of conching in 1879.
  3. The Assassin can also blend into various people / structures by either pressing the Action button or running into blendable structures / objects, although the Assassin must be in Alerted status or below to blend.
  4. Although not stipulated by Shader Model 3.0, both ATI and Nvidia's Shader Model 3.0 GPUs introduced support for blendable FP16 render targets, more easily facilitating the support for High Dynamic Range Rendering.
  5. The sandy-haired young actor also possesses what Ms . Savage calls " blendable " good looks : since adult actors are usually cast first, the young actors playing their children must bear them a passing resemblance.

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