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  1. In the large majority of blended cements initial lower strengths can be observed compared to the parent Portland cement.
  2. The increased chemical resistance to the ingress and harmful action of aggressive solutions constitutes one of the main advantages of pozzolan blended cements.
  3. Mineral admixtures can be pre-blended with the cement during its production for sale and use as a blended cement, or mixed directly with other components when the concrete is produced.
  4. As with type IV, type V Portland cement has mainly been supplanted by the use of ordinary cement with added ground granulated blast furnace slag or tertiary blended cements containing slag and fly ash.
  5. The properties of hardened blended cements are strongly related to the development of the binder microstructure, i . e ., to the distribution, type, shape and dimensions of both reaction products and pores.
  6. It is normal to add a certain amount of water, and small quantities of organic grinding aids and performance enhancers . " Blended cements " and Masonry cements may include large additions ( up to 40 % ) of natural pozzolans, fly ash, limestone, silica fume or metakaolin.
  7. It has been discussed in research journals such as " Cement and Concrete Research " ( " Mechanism for performance of energetically modified cement versus corresponding blended cement " ) and " Cement and Concrete Composites " ( " Microstructure and performance of energetically modified cement ( EMC ) with high filler content " ).
  8. Combinations of economical and technical aspects and, increasingly, environmental concerns have made so-called blended cements, i . e . cements that contain considerable amounts of supplementary cementitious materials ( mostly around 20 wt . %, but over 80 wt . % in Portland blast-furnace slag cement ) the most widely produced and used cement type by the beginning of the 21st century.
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