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  1. The city's brass band and women in traditional costume greeted the athletes.
  2. Bourgeois has been a prolific composer for brass bands and wind bands.
  3. Clifton also gives its name to the Clifton & Lightcliffe brass band.
  4. A choir sang in Russian and a brass band played funeral dirges.
  5. For instance, Mexican producers are sampling brass bands into computerized dance tracks.
  6. The Town Band is allegedly the oldest surviving brass band in Scotland.
  7. A big, brass band from the Ballston Spa Fire Department was playing.
  8. Moldavia is also known for brass bands similar to those in Serbia.
  9. Donna's ( 800 Rampart St . ) is considered brass band central.
  10. In the corner, a brass band is practicing for the Thanksgiving holiday.


  1. a group of musicians playing only brass and percussion instruments

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