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  1. "He doesn't come out with a brick bat and bash the president over the head,"
  2. His wife Mary described the setback as being " hit in the head with a brick bat ."
  3. Off-shore explorations located a fifteen course brick structure, three courses of dressed stone blocks, brick bats and pottery.
  4. The floor consists of a recent 20mm concrete slab laid over sand on a bed of original brick bats.
  5. "What I found remarkable is that Rollins doesn't just pass out bouquets to Republicans and brick bats to Democrats.
  6. The outsiders gathered around the houses of the minority Hindus and began to pelt stones and brick bats in their houses.
  7. Bringing reinforcements, the participants were estimated at between 800 and 1000, armed with bludgeons, paving stones, brick bats, axes, pitchforks, and other weapons.
  8. A sterile mixture of dirt, sand, rocks, ashes, brick bats and other worthless debris manufactured around 1880-1920 was used to backfill privies once plumbing was installed at a particular address.
  9. "Both sides could get something of what they want if they're interested in coming up with a solution and not just hitting each other over the heads with brick bats, " said Bixby.
  10. He was finally knocked unconscious, reportedly by a small boy whose brother was a Bowery Boy, and who had crawled along the barricade and hit the Dead Rabbit with a brick bat from behind.

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