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  1. The site was destroyed by brick earth digging in the 1880s.
  2. The locality produces also ironstone, cement and brick earth . ""
  3. The district is also noted for its deposits of reh and brick earth . The district, as a whole, is fairly compact tract of gently undulating land.
  4. Also common are patches of locally derived materials such as brick earth, mostly silt, are widespread as are sands and gravels whose age and origin are uncertain.
  5. It is for this reason that these elegant Georgian houses were generally constructed of brick, the brick earth being dug from the very substantial clay deposits which surround London.
  6. Geographically, Faversham sits at a boundary between marshland to the north and a mixture of brick earth, gravel and chalk to the south which leads into the North Downs.
  7. The rear yard of the building, which is level with the rear of first floor, contains the remains of a brick stable on the northwest side, and a rendered brick earth closet block, with eight cubicles and an access lane to the rear.
  8. Superficial deposits cover much of the coastal plain; these include glacial deposits with large boulders, raised beaches, brick earth and gravels, marine and estuarine, and the interesting Lower chalk or Coombe rock, formerly known as Elephant Beds, a coarse rubble of chalk waste formed late in the Glacial period, well exposed in the cliff at Black Rock east of Brighton, where it rests on a raised beach.
  9. Between Croxley Green, where the River Gade joins the Colne, and Thorney / West Drayton, below the Slough Arm, the river channels thread their way between many large lakes, some of which were once watercress beds, some chalk pits, and some of which were the result of brickmaking, an industry that developed over several miles of the valley after 1800, when the Grand Junction Canal company advertised the presence of good brick earth, discovered during the construction of the canal.

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