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  1. Dan Rather skulked around Afghanistan in a burnoose has an American poohbah identified so closely with nomads.
  2. The easy-slouching models looked right at home in colorful burnoose-style toppers with hoods.
  3. The crowd's array of bobbing headgear seemed itself a patriotic tribute, from ten-gallon hats to at least one checkered burnoose.
  4. One description follows another of a few U . S . soldiers using high-tech weaponry to wipe out thousands of burnoose-clad enemies.
  5. But for some disappointed attendees, entombing Anna at 2 has been like consigning Cindy Crawford to a burnoose and veil or casting Julia Roberts as a nun.
  6. Ahlan the farmer, clad in a long white robe, white burnoose and sandals, showed a scar on his arm where he says a settler's bullet grazed him six years ago.
  7. During the party convention in Ankara, an unidentified man wearing a burnoose cut down the Turkish flag and raised the flag of the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, the Kurdish guerrilla group outlawed by the government.
  8. Of course, luxury wins over sporty, but the collection does have a new bouncy air with the destructured jackets and coats the designer calls " Mikado " or burnoose style, plus sailor middy tops.
  9. Pushed by his new wife, Zaynab, Yusuf met Abu Bakr in the plain of Burnoose ( between Marrakesh and Aghmat ) and, by negotiation ( rather than force ), persuaded him to abdicate the northern dominions to him.
  10. She'd been wearing the same clothes for days : a filthy sweater, bunched on her head like a shepherd's burnoose; a black body stocking; and a pink tank top, draped over her rail-thin shoulders.


  1. a long hooded cloak woven of wool in one piece; worn by Arabs and Moors
    पर्याय: burnous, burnouse

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