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  1. One top Republican burst out laughing at the mention of his name.
  2. When al-Rikabi related what had happened to him, Saddam burst out laughing.
  3. I asked if she had ever flown, and she burst out laughing.
  4. Then he bursts out laughing when Bradshaw nearly falls over in hysterics.
  5. They look so fake that Pentagon toilet-seat buyers would burst out laughing.
  6. His audience of supporters burst out laughing when the placard was unveiled.
  7. The actor burst out laughing and gave a mighty Maurice Chevalier-like shrug.
  8. I just put my hands in the air and burst out laughing.
  9. First, he burst out laughing, then said he had no grave disease.
  10. His wife, Cindy, who was at his side, burst out laughing.

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