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  1. You'll be lucky if you get anything other than the busy tone.
  2. But the taste makers are busy toning down gold's image.
  3. If they called on the phone and they heard the busy tone, they would immediately understand,
  4. Fear of a hole-in-one hardly kept golfers away one recent weekend from the busy Tone Golf Club.
  5. If all the trunks were busy, the selector sent back an All Circuits Busy tone ( reorder tone ).
  6. In the United Kingdom, busy tone consists of a single 400 Hz tone with equal 0.375 s on / off periods.
  7. She dials and gets a busy tone again, and decides to leave, having already left the note in Joshi s possession.
  8. Dialing the telephone is like spinning a roulette wheel, with callers more likely to get a busy tone or a stranger than connect with their party.
  9. The British reorder tone is the same 400 Hz tone as the busy tone, instead with a cadence of 0.4 seconds on, 0.35 seconds off, 0.225 seconds on, 0.525 seconds off.
  10. If the calls were overflowed to the tandem route, the caller would receive a busy tone from the exchange serving the radio station, and the sudden peak would disrupt calls between other customers.

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