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  1. Butanol diffuses through the connecting tube which means loss of product.
  2. Like ethanol, butanol can be produced by fermentation processes.
  3. For example, THF is converted, after hydrolysis, to butanol.
  4. The technique enhances cell growth, improves productivity and recovers butanol economically.
  5. Secondly the butanol flux could be higher through a membrane.
  6. Glycerol is a good alternative source for butanol production.
  7. Similarly, isopropanol and butanol fermentation using clostridial species is also becoming popular.
  8. The extraction of amino acids from hydrolyzed peptides by butanol was invented by him.
  9. One example is the esterification of butanol with acetic acid catalyzed by sulfuric acid.
  10. So now I would get 2-butanol as a major product, right?


  1. a flammable alcohol derived from butanes and used for solvents
    पर्याय: butyl alcohol

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