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  1. I can hear water gurgling and there is that buzzing again.
  2. Still, it will be enough to keep the fans buzzing.
  3. It was a really hot day with the horseflies buzzing around.
  4. Corporate jets are buzzing Havana like flies around an open mango.
  5. The Richmond Coliseum was buzzing with pre-game possibilities Friday.
  6. Doorbell buzzing, phone ringing, workmen clattering, general pandemonium.
  7. The buzzing stops and she picks up a small black receiver.
  8. Backup : The Korean press was buzzing in anticipation Saturday night.
  9. An airplane in flight, soaring and buzzing through your speakers.
  10. A buzzing crowd couldn't wait for the next round.


  1. noisy like the sound of a bee; "the room was abuzz over the latest scandal"
    पर्याय: abuzz

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