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  1. Cabas has been writing for his new album as well as for others.
  2. To consolidate this success, Cabas toured Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador in 2001.
  3. After this success, Cabas toured France.
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  6. Perhaps paradoxically, New York was also an unhappy phase in Cabas'life, where he felt alienated and depressed.
  7. In late 2015 Cabas released the single " Enamorandonos " ( APM ) first in Colombia, soon followed by Ecuador.
  8. As a young adult, Cabas traveled, first to Paris and later salsa, inspiring him to write and compose music.
  9. Among the rising stars are the rock band Bacilos, the singer-songwriter Andres Cabas and the alternative pop group Aterciopelados, or the Velvets.
  10. The period resulted in his self-titled debut album, " Cabas ", in 2000 which became a huge success in Colombia.
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