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  1. A second cable laying mission was also performed, out to another array.
  2. It invested $ 100 million in producing two specialized fiber-optic cable laying vessels.
  3. To address this issue, AT & T had to improve its cable laying abilities.
  4. CS Cable Retriever is capable of carrying out cable laying, cable recovery and repair.
  5. Cable laying started in 1902 with two ships, Colonia.
  6. 2000, Marais developed a patented micro-trencher named "'CLEANFAST "'for optical fiber cable laying in urban areas.
  7. Others were converted for other uses, such as oceanographic surveying, undersea cable laying, and repairing other ships.
  8. To complete the All Red Line, therefore, the final major cable laying project was the trans-Pacific section.
  9. On leaving school he joined the Eastern Telegraph Company passing through several of their branches including cable laying.
  10. To repair or establish communication, there were also field cable party Land Rovers towing trailers for cable laying.

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