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  1. You have declines in cable penetration growth now.
  2. However, cable penetration has only reached around 22 percent of British homes so far.
  3. Instead, the plan is designed to increase cable penetration with the lower basic price.
  4. Many Canadian cities have cable penetration rates of 90 per cent or more of television households.
  5. Despite its modest cable penetration in the area, TBN has poured significant resources into WTBY in recent years.
  6. Houston's cable penetration is less than in the other markets ( about 57 percent here compared with 67 percent nationally ).
  7. Even after the digital television transition, WGGS's transmitter only provides cable penetration in the Greenville / Spartanburg / Asheville market.
  8. In 1984, Star TV began winding down operations due to the fact cable penetration eliminated the need for Subscription TV over the air.
  9. All components of fireproof vaults must meet the fire protection rating of the vault itself, including doors, HVAC penetrations and cable penetrations.
  10. The channel claims to be reaching more than 22.5 million homes nationwide with a cable penetration of over 87 % in metro cities.

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