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  1. Auto routing functionality finds the shortest cable route between two designated points.
  2. To make cable routing easier, it can rotate 360 degrees after installation.
  3. Known to the local class 3 " Cable Route ".
  4. From Wairau Road, the cable route against follows the Northern Busway to Constellation Drive.
  5. In July 2015 MMT was contracted to clear the cable route of possible unexploded ordnance.
  6. ;( AXT ) : Interference caused by other cables routed close to the cable of interest.
  7. One of the reasons for these explorations was to select a possible cable route to Luzon.
  8. The seabed at the windfarm and offshore cable route consisted of mainly gravely sand, overlying chalk.
  9. Pine trees along the cable route were split.
  10. Wireless transmission can also allow data to move in a straighter, more direct path than cabling routes.

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