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[ kə'pæsitə ]
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  1. Palladium is used in ceramic capacitors in mobile telephones and computers.
  2. Honda says it has applied for a patent for the capacitor.
  3. Those capacitors were of a different design and a different manufacturer.
  4. She spread the goopy resin on capacitor molds along with epoxy.
  5. The energy used in each pulse is stored in a capacitor.
  6. The electrical charge stored in the capacitor is measured in coulombs.
  7. CSI inverter commutation methods include load commutation and parallel capacitor commutation.
  8. Lowering the electrolyte level influences the electrical parameters of the capacitors.
  9. The capacitor forms a parallel resonant circuit with the ignition coil.
  10. Associated capacitors and resistors were contained inside the wound coil form.


  1. an electrical device characterized by its capacity to store an electric charge
    पर्याय: capacitance, condenser, electrical condenser

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