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  1. From Alliance Fran�aise he gained a Certificat de Fran�ais Parl?et du Dipl�me de Langue.
  2. He received his " Certificat d'Aptitude " in percussion in 1991.
  3. He also holds a Certificat d Etudes Politiques from the Institut d Etudes Politiques in Paris.
  4. He attended the University of Paris during May 1968 to gain a Certificat Pratique de Langue Fran�aise.
  5. He later specialised and obtained the " Certificat d'Edudes sp�ciales en maladies cardiovasculaires " in 1981.
  6. The following March it was awaiting tests for its " certificat de navagbilit?" at Villacoublay.
  7. He stated that he had at least made her proud by obtaining his certificat d'�tude primaire.
  8. Bourguiba earned his " certificat d'�tudes primaires " in 1913, which greatly satisfied his father.
  9. Students receive an advanced master's degree ( formerly called Diploma and Certificat ) following a one-year programme.
  10. Lee holds a Certificat de Cuisine from Cordon Bleu and trained as a Master Sake Sommelier at Japan s Sake Service Institute.

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