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  1. Every channel allocation in the Green Bay and 9 in Wausau ).
  2. Strong edge coloring has applications in channel allocation schemes for wireless networks.
  3. WSJV moved its channel allocation to the stronger channel 28 in 1958.
  4. South Africa also has a 23-channel allocation between 29.710 MHz and 29.985 MHz.
  5. The ministry is closing applications Sept . 1 for channel allocation on the satellite.
  6. WLPC-LP, using an unprotected channel allocation, was forced off the air at that time.
  7. The standard channel allocations for most of Europe are 7 MHz wide and are as follows:
  8. UHF CB Channel Allocation is Channel 5 Emergency, Channel 11 Call Channel, Channel 40 Truckers or Highway
  9. On July 13, 1998, the station was upgraded again to become WGNX-LP and gained its current channel allocation.
  10. DSFN can be considered as a combination of packet scheduling, macro-diversity and dynamic channel allocation ( DCA ).

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