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  1. The molecule then diffuses across the surface to the chemisorption sites.
  2. which are the Gibbs energies of physisorption and chemisorption, respectively.
  3. Figure 2 : Dissociative chemisorption of H 2 on metal catalysts.
  4. Taylor showed that chemisorption may be an activated process, and occur slowly.
  5. However, chemisorption is very difficult to theorize.
  6. In his theory, molecules are trapped in precursor states ( physisorption ) before chemisorption.
  7. This property is known as chemisorption.
  8. Collectors either chemically bond via chemisorption to the mineral or adsorb onto the surface via physisorption.
  9. In contrast with chemisorption is physisorption, which leaves the chemical species of the adsorbate and surface intact.
  10. A particular brand of gas-surface chemisorption is the diatomic gas molecules, such as hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen.


  1. adsorption (especially when irreversible) by means of chemical instead of physical forces; "chemisorption of gaseous nitrogen on iron catalysts"
    पर्याय: chemosorption

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