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  1. However, his civic designs in Aberdeen city remained in a neo-classical style.
  2. Their contributions to civic design and classicism are of continued importance today.
  3. Then he did a year's postgraduate study in the area of civic design.
  4. In 1982, the Oast Theatre was awarded Civic Design Award from Tonbridge Civic Society.
  5. It received the Civic Design Award from the Bristol Civic Society for the year 1969.
  6. In civic design, success breeds success.
  7. It was the first university to offer degrees in biochemistry, architecture, civic design, veterinary science, oceanography and social science.
  8. While Light's plan was not entirely realised, it is widely regarded as a fine achievement of colonial era civic design.
  9. Port was an advocate of civic design, and was partly responsible for the pedestrianisation of Martin Place and Sydney Square.
  10. The Town Planning Institute was established in 1914 with a mandate to advance the study of town-planning and civic design.

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