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  1. The fact of the clitoridectomy was not disputed by the defense.
  2. Female circumcision ( clitoridectomy ) is not a Bukusu practice.
  3. British doctor Robert Thomas suggested clitoridectomy as a cure for nymphomania in 1813.
  4. Brown performed several clitoridectomies between 1859 and 1866.
  5. In a clitoridectomy for intersex infants, the clitoris is often reduced instead of removed.
  6. In a clitoridectomy, only the clitoris and perhaps part of the vaginal lips are excised.
  7. As recently as the 1950s, American and European doctors performed clitoridectomies to treat nymphomania and melancholia.
  8. Clitoridectomy of women with intersex conditions is controversial when it takes place during childhood or under duress.
  9. In Africa, missionaries have tried to discourage FGM ( i . e . clitoridectomy and infibulation ).
  10. He was also accused of performing clitoridectomies without the consent or knowledge of his patients or their families.


  1. excision of the clitoris
    पर्याय: female circumcision

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