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  1. In January, an Atlantic coast blizzard forced the closure of businesses.
  2. Fines, and even closure of businesses, are foreseen for offenders.
  3. There was no massive lay-offs, major closures of businesses in Malaysia throughout the eight-month crisis.
  4. Labor leader Lim Boon Heng last week warned that unemployment and closure of businesses were inevitable.
  5. Tax evaders face jail time, penalties equal to tax amounts unpaid and closure of businesses, Alcides Diaz said.
  6. Singapore faces unemployment and closure of businesses because of the regional economic turmoil, a top government official said Thursday.
  7. "But I think we must not over-react, there are incidents of insolvency, closures of business, " said Ms Willis.
  8. Extensive powers of censorship, suspension of civil courts, expropriation of property, closure of businesses, and imposition of curfews were also granted.
  9. Banks with no liquidity cannot provide new credits or roll over outstanding credits, leading to the closure of businesses in some cases.
  10. Typhoon Dujuan swept into southern China Tuesday after causing massive disruptions at Hong Kong's airport and forcing the closure of businesses and schools.

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