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  1. He is the author or co author of many papers.
  2. Kailash are you a reviewer or co author of this?
  3. Looking across it it seems you're basically functioning as a co author.
  4. Moreira has edited and co author books and other publications mostly related to strategic studies.
  5. She and her co authors highlight the need for an institutional global framework in ocean observation.
  6. The novelist is co author on " Dr Who : The Hollow Men ( 1998 ) " with Martin Day.
  7. Bearly541 the co author has also been problematic in that he has posted things such as Ninja Nubian reverted edits on kappa alpha psi.
  8. He has written one book with co author Daniel Villarreal Cabello " EU-Mexican, legal, commercial, and business relations.
  9. During this time he also acted as consultant and co author for the first edition of the Royal Navy's " The Fundamentals of British Maritime Doctrine " ( BR1806 ).
  10. In May 2016 along with co author Bill Bridge, Whitcombe wrote'The Indomitable Frank Whitcombe', published by Saint David's Press, an account of Frank Whitcombe senior's rugby career

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