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  1. The Compostela-Danao coalfield contained about six million workable tons.
  2. He led the campaign to save the Selby Coalfield in 2002.
  3. Maryport lies at the northern end of the former Cumberland Coalfield.
  4. The underlying rocks are the coal measures of the Manchester Coalfield.
  5. The South Wales Valleys were Britain's only mountainous coalfield.
  6. The important coalfields in the basin are Jharia, North Karanpura.
  7. The area used to be called the " Munster Coalfield ".
  8. There was no large coalfield on the edge of the Mediterranean.
  9. It took over all the earlier private collieries in Raniganj Coalfield.
  10. They became buccaneering capitalists when they leased a coalfield near Coatdyke.


  1. a region where there is coal underground

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