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  1. Efforts to gain coaling stations in the Caribbean or west Indies failed.
  2. Later still it was an important coaling station for the Royal Navy.
  3. It was also one of the major coaling stations in the English Channel.
  4. Port Stanley became an important coaling station for the Royal Navy.
  5. The American navy also established a coaling station in Liberia, cementing its presence.
  6. At one time, establishing coaling stations for naval ships was important.
  7. The United States began leasing the 45-square-mile base in 1903 as a coaling station.
  8. The territory also provided important coaling stations for steam-powered vessels.
  9. The American navy established a coaling station in Liberia.
  10. For the duration of the war, the fort was a coaling station for navy ships.


  1. a seaport where ships can take on supplies of coal

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