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  1. Coalition for Networked Information, 27-minute audio recording.
  2. VTLS was also a founding member of the Coalition for Networked Information ( CNI ).
  3. To address these needs, the Coalition for Networked Information and the Digital Library Federation provided funding to establish an Open Archives Initiative ( OAI ) secretariat managed by Herbert Van de Sompel and Carl Lagoze.
  4. Funding for the initiative comes from the Andrew W . Mellon Foundation, Coalition for Networked Information ( CNI ), Digital Library Federation ( DLF ), National Science Foundation ( NSF ), the Alfred P . Sloan Foundation, and other organizations.
  5. "GILS is a way of applying human description to information resources, particularly at an aggregated level; many of these resources are big, rich and complex, and are not simply collections of static Web pages, which can be found by a Web indexer, " said Clifford Lynch, executive director of the Coalition for Networked Information in Washington.
  6. ARL is currently partnered with the Association of American Universities ( AAU ), the Canadian Association of Research Libraries ( CARL ), the Center for Research Libraries ( CRL ), Coalition for Networked Information ( CNI ), EDUCAUSE, Library Copyright Alliance ( LCA ), National Humanities Alliance ( NHA ), the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition ( SPARC ) and SPARC Europe.
  7. Members include larger research institutions in North America, small liberal arts colleges and their libraries, public libraries, museums, and cultural heritage organizations, but organizations such as the Coalition for Networked Information ( CNI ), Joint Information Systems Committee ( JISC ), the Los Alamos National Laboratory ( LANL ) research library, and Online Computer Library Center ( OCLC ) are also members.
  8. Over her career, she served on the boards of directors of the Boston Library Consortium, the National Academies Board of Research Data and Information ( BRDI ), DuraSpace, and the Digital Preservation Network ( DPN ); on the steering committee of the Coalition for Networked Information ( CNI ); as the council chair of the International Consortium for Political and Social Research ( ICPSR ); and served in significant advisory roles in many other organizations.
  9. Recent keynotes and plenary presentations include the Oxford Internet Institute's 10th anniversary conference, A Decade in Internet Time, the International Conference on Asian Digital Libraries, Coalition for Networked Information, Santa Fe Institute, Digital Humanities Conference, Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, 40th Anniversary Conference of the Open University, Marschak Lecture ( UCLA ), Kanazawa Institute International Seminar on Libraries ( Japan ), and invited talks at Oxford University, Harvard University, Columbia University, University of Pittsburgh, and Michigan State University.

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