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  1. The rescue effort has revealed other unflattering details about the Russian command chain.
  2. Fernandes also said India's nuclear command chain was in place.
  3. Exchanges of information and plans and requests for support had to traverse a lengthy command chain.
  4. The nomination had to be forwarded in writing by a courier up the official command chain.
  5. THE BOSSES : Oversight Lapses In Command Chain
  6. There can be very complex and difficult command chains, such as " Simon says : Arms up.
  7. This command chain did not work well.
  8. It should be noted that elements within the nine regionally-aligned brigades report to two separate command chains.
  9. Harbor security was maintained by a completely separate command chain and did not operationally involve the port commander.
  10. Many top apartheid officials have avoided testifying or applying for amnesty, and the command chain for the brutality remains unclear.

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