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  1. He then switched to the new rate command control system and found perfect response, although fuel consumption was high.
  2. In 1997, Havelsan added command control system ( C4ISR ), training and simulations system and management information systems to its functions.
  3. The KC-135 tanker squadron also operated EC-135s in a Post-Attack Command Control System role until April 1970.
  4. They were fitted with LIOD Mk . 2 electro-optical fire control and TACTICOS command control systems during their mid-life modernization program.
  5. The Czech military has selected two U . S . companies to supply a command control system like ones used by armies in most NATO countries.
  6. Russian officials fear the costly new radars and command control system the United States might erect in the next century will become the building blocks for a more comprehensive antimissile defense.
  7. KALKAN is currently the main radar of the Turkish Armed Forces'mobile Air Defense Early Warning and Command Control System ( HER0KKS ) and Medium Altitude Air Defense Missile System,
  8. The Wing also operated a B-58 combat crew training school, and gained an EC-135 post-attack command control system ( PACCS ) mission in mid-1966.
  9. The wing operated a B-58 combat crew training school, August 1965  December 1969, and gained a post-attack command control system ( PACCS ) mission in mid-1966.
  10. In 1995 Lionel introduced the Trainmaster Command Control System, which turns the entire track layout into an antenna for a hand-held remote control that looks just like a television remote-control device.

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