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  1. The collection was sold online via their website, and at company stores.
  2. The remaining building now houses The Roaring Spring Bottled Water company store.
  3. T-shirts, lighters and other souvenirs can be bought in the company store.
  4. A company store enabled workers to exchange scrip for food and necessities.
  5. In 1910 the company store was purchased by the Brown Mercantile Company.
  6. They get a good deal on poultry at the Rocco company store.
  7. The company constructed houses for its workers and operated a company store.
  8. Gilchrest's processor quotas risk transforming the ocean into one big company store.
  9. Two Nature Company stores were closed recently in Berkeley and New York.
  10. A large company store was built in Wiggins to enhance Finkbine's business.

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