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  1. His poetic work was academically evaluated by the Croatian comparatist Helena Peri i.
  2. As a comparatist, Wittmann contributed to the study of the Amerindian ( Arawakan, Cariban ).
  3. At Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Bloomington, Ben-Amos was trained in the comparatist tradition.
  4. A linguist and comparatist, she taught at Indiana University Bloomington, marrying Anglicist Kenneth R . Johnston.
  5. Such a sustained attack, equated by comparatist Nicolae Balot with " a holocaust of poetry ", nevertheless impressed Lovinescu.
  6. Davidescu sees Demetriade and most other Romanian Symbolists as in reality Parnassians; this verdict was partly shared by comparatist Adrian Marino.
  7. His research was consistently interdisciplinary, combining ethnography, folklore and dialectology, and analyzing phenomena from comparatist, Romance and Balkan perspectives.
  8. "' Charles D�d�yan "'( 4 April 1910  21 June 2003 ) was a French literature comparatist and specialist of French literature of Armenian origin.
  9. "' Glenn Warren Most "'( born June 12, 1952, Miami ) is an comparatist originating from the US, but also working in Germany and Italy.
  10. The institute was founded in September 2008 by the comparatist Jan M . Smits ( professor of European Private Law and Comparative Law ) and Monica Claes ( professor of Comparative Constitutional Law ).

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