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  1. VIPs achieve it through the conferment of honorary doctorates on them.
  2. Conferment of the ISO 9002 standard confirms the products'quality.
  3. In 1600 the first post-reformation conferment of degrees took place.
  4. Some of the recipients have refused or returned their conferments.
  5. She was attending the degree conferment ceremony at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  6. The name of the recipient and the conferment date was added on the letter.
  7. With this conferment of this status, the Vidyapeeth gained recognition at national level.
  8. Iyer received the conferment in 1999 . ]]
  9. The Council selects and decides the candidate and organizes the conferment of the Prize.
  10. Recipients attend a conferment ceremony at Malaca�ang Palace, where the Tanghalang Pambansa ".


  1. the act of conferring an honor or presenting a gift
    पर्याय: bestowal, bestowment, conferral

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  2. conference regulations
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