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  1. A nuclear family is the production and consumption unit.
  2. In Canada, the album debuted at number 2, with 21, 000 total consumption units.
  3. Second, San families ceased to form the camps that had functioned as a production-consumption unit.
  4. However, microeconomic decisions are made by the individual production or consumption unit through a proposed system of vouchers.
  5. Owned by Rieber & S�n, the plant is based in Indre Arna in Bergen and sold 140 million consumption units divided between 750 products.
  6. The label also shows the combined city-highway fuel economy in all-electric mode expressed in traditional energy consumption units, rating the Volt at 36 per.
  7. In the third week in Canada, " Encore un soir " remained at number one selling 11, 000 copies ( 12, 000 in total consumption units ).
  8. In his native Canada, the album debuted at number one with 21, 000 total consumption units, of which 17, 000 were album units sold, surpassing the highest one week sales total reached with his last album, " Handwritten ".

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