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  1. The play suffered from contrivance, but it gleamed with eloquence.
  2. But even Crowe's contrivances land for potent emotional effect.
  3. So they relied on several contrivances to make the numbers fit.
  4. So the presence of Grant comes off as an awkward contrivance.
  5. Hence I prefer to think of them as a mathematical contrivance.
  6. This is where the plot contrivances of all three movies wear thin.
  7. In other words, it's an expertly assembled Hollywood contrivance.
  8. The Masters needed none of those contrivances and trappings Sunday.
  9. But beneath the contrivances there is always the bedrock sense of family.
  10. The plot, obviously, is a contrivance, but cleverly devised.


  1. the act of devising something
    पर्याय: devisal
  2. a device or control that is very useful for a particular job
    पर्याय: appliance, contraption, convenience, gadget, gizmo, gismo, widget
  3. any improvised arrangement for temporary use
    पर्याय: lash-up
  4. the faculty of contriving; inventive skill; "his skillful contrivance of answers to every problem"
  5. an artificial or unnatural or obviously contrived arrangement of details or parts etc.; "the plot contained too many improbable contrivances to be believable"
  6. an elaborate or deceitful scheme contrived to deceive or evade; "his testimony was just a contrivance to throw us off the track"
    पर्याय: stratagem, dodge

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