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  1. The neutron counting rate is therefore inversely related to the amount of hydrogen in the formation.
  2. During the measurements Lucrecia is kept measuring at a total counting rate not larger than 10 kHz to avoid second and higher order pileup contributions.
  3. Although it is possible to get even better angular resolutions by placing the detectors further apart, this comes at cost of the counting rate.
  4. The counting rate for a given radiation source varies slightly as the applied voltage is varied and to prevent this, a regulated voltage is used.
  5. It has much greater photon flux than 131 I . It gives approximately 20 times the counting rate of 131 I for the same administered dose.
  6. This method allows the use of simple and inexpensive detecting equipment, mainly flow-type proportional detectors in which large counting rates can be obtained.
  7. The scintillating fiber detectors have excellent sensitivity, they are rugged, and have fast timing ( ~ 60 ns ) so that a large dynamic range in counting rates is possible.
  8. To reach a very high counting rate ( limited only by duration of individual TOF spectrum, ~ 200 microsecond in long or multipath TOF setups ), a very high repetition rate of ion extractions to the TOF tube is used.
  9. The spectral resolution of the PDS was rather modest when compared to the gas detectors, but the low background counting rate resulting from the low inclination BeppoSAX orbit and good background rejection capabilities meant that the PDS remains one of the most sensitive high-energy instruments flown.

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