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  1. They offer up a countrified version of a classic rock hit.
  2. Within the district you can find both municipal and countrified mintages.
  3. KNIX was huge before KMLE " countrified ."
  4. It all just sounds like so much countrified bubble gum to me.
  5. The exterior walls were a white, countrified rough-cast stucco.
  6. Meals are served in a quaint, countrified dining hall.
  7. A countrified musical where the actors are all playing instruments.
  8. He grew fond of this countrified corner of New York.
  9. The Southeast is evolving into this huge countrified city across a vast space.
  10. When Dole is on camera, a banjo picks out a countrified tune.


  1. characteristic of rural life; "countrified clothes"; "rustic awkwardness"
    पर्याय: countryfied, rustic

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