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  1. Doralee went to Nashville and became a successful country and western singer.
  2. In Munster, he asked the record shop for some country and western.
  3. She hosted a popular 3 hour slot of country and western music.
  4. The best of the worst country and western song titles, NEW STRAITS
  5. There is plenty of country and western, for that down-home, folksy feel.
  6. Country and western star Steve Gatlin called it " absolutely gorgeous ."
  7. They first held concerts in Europe, mainly in country and western festivals.
  8. Wilson : He enjoys Broadway show tunes, symphony and country and western.
  9. After dinner we would sit around singing country and western songs together.
  10. An eclectic artist, Bromberg plays country and western, and rock and roll.


  1. a simple style of folk music heard mostly in the southern United States; usually played on stringed instruments
    पर्याय: country music, C and W

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