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  1. During the war he served in the Czechoslovakian army in exile.
  2. There, the Czechoslovakian team won gold in the team competition.
  3. It was the first Czechoslovakian-designed helicopter to be produced.
  4. Only four Czechoslovakians have won gold medals at the Paralympic Games.
  5. Hojer represented Czechoslovakia at the Frantiaek was also a Czechoslovakian footballer.
  6. This was a major blow to the Polish-Czechoslovakian negotiations.
  7. Only the operation at Grottau, now Czechoslovakian, was fully booked
  8. The terminus of the line ( ) stretched into Czechoslovakian territory.
  9. Tins of cheap Czechoslovakian ammunition filled the corners of the cabin floor.
  10. Besides his political work, Hor?ek engaged in Czechoslovakian exile activities.

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