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  1. The Dahlgren system had segregated some of these plants as family Limoniaceae.
  2. The Dahlgren system also included mounting carriages that facilitated various employments of the guns.
  3. Two older systems which use the order Asparagales are the Dahlgren system and the Kubitzki system.
  4. The Dahlgren system placed the Nymphaeales with the Piperales in superorder Nymphaeanae, within subclass Magnoliideae ( dicotyledons ).
  5. The Dahlgren system and Thorne system ( 1992 ) treat this group at the rank of class, leading to the name Magnoliopsida.
  6. At the other extreme, e . g . in the Dahlgren system of 1985, they have been divided between orders and split into many often small families.
  7. The Dahlgren system assigned it to the order Annonales, which was placed in superorder Magnolianae, in subclass Magnoliideae [ = dicotyledons ], in class Magnoliopsida [ = angiosperms ].
  8. From the Dahlgren system of 1985 onwards, studies based mainly on morphology had identified the Asparagales as a distinct group, but had also included groups now located in Liliales, Pandanales and Zingiberales.
  9. The Thorne system ( 1992 ) and the Dahlgren system assigned the order to the superorder Areciflorae, also called Arecanae in the subclass Liliidae ( = monocotyledons ), with the single family Arecaceae.
  10. Thismiaceae has either been treated as a separate family closely related to Burmanniaceae or as a tribe ( Thismieae ) within a more broadly defined Burmanniaceae, forming a separate Burmanniales order in the Dahlgren system.

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