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  1. In January 2010, the band began demoing material for their fourth studio album.
  2. The band completed the tour, then began demoing new material in early March.
  3. Then there was a year of writing songs, demoing them and meeting with producers.
  4. They were demoing songs for a new album in 2012 but nothing was ever released.
  5. In late 2012, Into Eternity began demoing new material with both Block and Kiernan.
  6. The band were also demoing new songs.
  7. After forming the label, Smith began writing and demoing the first Hadouken ! tracks.
  8. Brian called his brother Rick to discuss demoing a few songs from their music library.
  9. Rolling Stone wrote about their inclusion in Ford automobiles, demoing the twelve speaker Sony sound system
  10. With a handful of songs written, the newly formed group began demoing tracks to friends.

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