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  1. It was fitted with Sankey detachable wheels and Dunlop tyres.
  2. Similar to inline skates, Heelys are athletic shoes with a detachable wheel imbedded in the heel that let you glide across most terrain.
  3. There were detailed diferences in the design resulting in legal disputes between the two companies over the intellectual rights to the detachable wheel.
  4. In competition with Victor Riley of the Riley Cycle Company they both designed a detachable wheel locked in place by a single large nut.
  5. There are Heelys, which look like regular tennis shoes with detachable wheels to transform them into roller skates, and Street Flyers, sneakers with two retractable wheels
  6. The other used a travelling platform ( Mounting Mk II ) with detachable wheels for guns to be used in static positions but which could be re-positioned.
  7. "' Detachable Wheel System ( DWS ) "'- An unique patented tyre-clicking system, replaceable outer polyurethane ring with aluminum rim features have all been implemented into Zeleritaz DWS Z1 wheel.
  8. It does not appear to have detachable wheels and treads, but it is a modular construction toy with drillbit like tools .-- talk ) 21 : 42, 27 July 2012 ( UTC)
  9. With features such as detachable wheels, sneaker-like designs and a wide variety of bold colors to choose from, more and more people are lacing up their skates and getting back on the rink.
  10. A key factor to Renault winning this first Grand Prix was held to be the detachable wheel rims ( developed by Michelin ), which allowed tire changes to occur without having to lever the tire and tube off and back on the rim.

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