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  1. where I is the 3 x 3 identity matrix and \ boldsymbol \ tau is the deviatoric stress tensor.
  2. The right side of the equation is in effect a summation of body forces ( such as gravity ) and divergence of deviatoric stress.
  3. The T-criteria use the volumetric stress in addition to the deviatoric stress used by the von Mises criterion and are similar to the Drucker Prager yield criterion.
  4. But for the higher order terms ( the two coming from the divergence of the deviatoric stress that distinguish Navier Stokes equations from Euler equations ) some tensor calculus is required for deducing an expression in non-cartesian orthogonal coordinate systems.
  5. "' Griggs apparatus "', also referred to as a "'Griggs rig "', is a modified piston cylinder high pressure apparatus used to create an environment of high pressure, high temperature and to impart a deviatoric stress on a sample of material.
  6. Lateral collapse events at stratovolcanoes, similar to the current threat posed by the western flank of Cumbre Vieja, could increase due to the physical effects of global warming on the Earth from increases in deviatoric stress from post-glacial rebound, while the size and frequency of eruptions are also likely to increase.
  7. These deviatoric stress invariants can be expressed as a function of the components of s _ { ij } or its principal values s _ 1, s _ 2, and s _ 3, or alternatively, as a function of \ sigma _ { ij } or its principal values \ sigma _ 1, \ sigma _ 2, and \ sigma _ 3.
  8. where \ alpha is a parameter, c _ \ mathrm { y } is the value of c when the plastic strain is zero ( also called the "'initial cohesion yield stress "'), \ psi is the angle made by the yield surface in the "'Rendulic plane "'at high values of p ( this angle is also called the "'dilation angle "'), and G ( \ phi, \ theta ) is an appropriate function that is also smooth in the deviatoric stress plane.

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