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  1. However, stressful treatment of mice with azoxymethane and dextran sulphate caused more than four colonic tumors per MGMT mutant mouse, but less than one tumor per wild-type mouse.
  2. Some drugs called " polyanions, " such as dextran sulphate or pentosan polysulphate, have shown promise in increasing the time for scrapie infections to set in when mice are infected with the disease . ( Scrapie is a disease in sheep that seems to be similar to BSE .)
  3. Hydrogels can be classified according their polymers constituents, which can be natural ( Hyaluronan, alginic acid, pectin,, chondroitin sulfate, dextran and dextran sulphate, chitosan, polylysine, collagen, carboxymethyl chitin, fibrin, agarose, pullulan ), or synthetic ( PVA, PNVP, P ( HEMA ), p ( biscarboxy-phenoxy-phosphazene ), p ( GEMA-sulfate ), and others ), or a hybrid of the two.

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