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  1. It is not self-evident that such direct appointment is even available,
  2. Arbcom is a direct appointment and creation of Jimmy Wales.
  3. Hence, directs appointment of judges in all the Israelites'cities.
  4. It is a direct appointment from the speaker.
  5. Appointed members include the direct appointments, 14 regional representatives, and members from the three most junior classes.
  6. In the Parliament through direct appointment.
  7. The measure is expected to give direct appointment authority for all state agency heads and commissioners to the governor.
  8. In January 1979, a new parliament was convened, chosen partly through indirect elections and partly through direct appointment by the king.
  9. The only other direct appointment made was in August 1942 at Florence, South Carolina when Master Sergeant George Conley was commissioned a Second Lieutenant.
  10. Naturally the right of the individual to partake in the direct appointment of a ruling official is an ideological inconsistency with traditional Confucian society.

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