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  1. My friends from the old neighborhood are going to disown me.
  2. Stanley Kubrick always wanted to disown " Spartacus ."
  3. Many nationalists disown ETA, but share the goal of independence.
  4. The King disowns his daughter and condemns her as a harlot.
  5. In her dismay, she disowns him and her married name.
  6. After a disastrous meal on the cruise, Tenma disowns Tobio.
  7. Although she disowns Denise, they eventually reconcile the next day.
  8. He and his father argue, and his father disowns him.
  9. Dylan disowns Stingray as his brother and gets back with Elle.
  10. Max discovers Lauren knew that he was innocent and disowns her.

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