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  1. It's the local commercial hub for the domiciliates of the surrounding areas of Pulpally.
  2. The province of Belluno hosts the so-called eyeglasses district, being the largest world manufacturer Luxottica a firm domiciliated at Agordo.
  3. Section 2 ( 3 ) of the Legitimacy Act 1959 provided also that section 2 applied only where the father of the child was domiciliated in England.
  4. Its location gave it little choice in the matter; Superintendent of Southern Indians John Stuart observed in 1775,  they are domiciliated and dispersed thro the Settlements of north and South Carolina .  In July 1775, two Catawbas arrived in Charleston to learn more about the dispute between the crown and the colonists.
  5. In 1834 one critic-George Frederick Beltz, Lancaster Herald-claimed that the Order seemed to be domiciled wherever Hanson found himself, and that'Knighthoods'were available to anyone with sufficient funds . " It was long understood, " he wrote, " that " moyennant " a certain not inconsiderable deposit at a banking house at Pall-mall, the distinction was at the service of any one who might have a fancy for it; and that letters-missive were soon forthcoming from'Sir'Levett, containing due notification of election by the'equestrian, secular and chapteral Order,'at its last sitting at Bamberg, Hamburgh, Lubeck or wherever that personage happened, at the time, to be domiciliated ."


  1. provide housing for; "The immigrants were housed in a new development outside the town"
    पर्याय: house, put up
  2. make one''s home in a particular place or community; "may parents reside in Florida"
    पर्याय: reside, shack, domicile

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